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Business Services

GDS-Consulting can assess the political, economic and social developments that could impact your organization in the future and provide you with the business products that help you navigate  challenges and realize opportunities.  Services include: Strategic Planning; Project Management; Consultation and Public Engagement; Stakeholder Management; Event Planning; and more...

Communications Services

GDS-Consulting offers an array of strategic communications services including: writing; Research; Technical, Policy or Concept Papers; Key Messages Development; Briefing Notes; Discussion Papers; Powerpoint Development; Copywriting Services; Digital Images; and more...


ABOUT GDS-Consulting

  • Excellent writing, editing, and presentation skills.


  • Strong working relationships and credibility with key provincial business, community and economic stakeholders.

  • Proven reputation in building collaborative, productive working relationships with diverse public/private stakeholders and project partners.

  • Extensive performance management experience – developed service plans and performance measurement frameworks at the strategic, business and operational level.

  • Wide ranging policy experience – providing decisive strategic advice on complex and controversial issues in a variety of political environments, and achieving positive results through research, analysis, project management and negotiation.


27-610 McKenzie Avenue, Victoria, BC  V8Z 2A7  Tel: 778-966-4828

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